Celtic fire oven

La Braciera: Attestato di Registrazione per Disegno e Modello il 12.07.2014
Like all my works this  barbecue is hand-forged and not welded. Every piece is pure wrought iron art and should give you pleasure for ever.
Our Celtic fire oven is thought to provide a healthier way of grilling and a new and very different, a more comfortable kind of enjoying the grill garden party with friends or even business partners.
Whether you prepare and start the grilling process before the arrival or with your guests together or wash and spice just some meat and vegetables for everyone to choose and grill what they wish to eat, it’s fun it tastes good and it allows you to sit, even on cool evenings, in your garden around the oven, with a tray on your lap and a glass of wine enjoying one another’s company.
But as you can see on our photos, you can do much more than grilling, you can bake pizzas, you can simultaneously place a pot over the fire and prepare a fondue, whilst sitting together a goulash can simmer – you will experience all the pleasures of our special oven with your family and friends.
We offer two different sizes:
1  –  8 persons height 70 cm diameter 80cm
9 – 15 persons height 70 cm diameter100cm

The following photos show you the simple composition of all parts of our fire oven. As you will realize one must not buy the whole barbecue in one-go to enjoy the pleasure of this new way of grilling. All extending parts can be bought at any later time and perhaps make nice presents to him or her.


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