Wrought Iron Art

I was born in Germany, where I also passed my apprenticeship at Hoechst and learned to work with iron, copper and other metals.

Since 25 years I live and work in Italy where I can realize my artistic projects in my   studio/workshop. I do work exclusively in the traditional way at the forge.

I am very happy to welcome you. I hope you will appreciate and enjoy to see this little selection of my wrought iron work.

Each small or big piece is in every detail hammered and  formed by hand and put together with love and care by me for you.
In this time of great developments, I believe that we all have a specially strong need of some beauty and harmony to cope better with the daily demands at work and  all the activities around us during the day.

My work shall contribute to transmit a certain tranquility and peace when you come home, tired after an exhausting day at work and I hope and wish, that you will be able to find something that can help you to relax and “switch-off” when you now have a look at my exhibition.

Finally I would like to emphasize that each of my works cannot only be made following your wishes regarding the size but that I also take pleasure in creating a piece in accordance with your own design and wish.

Each piece exhibited on these few pages demonstrates only a guideline in respect of size and price as in the end you will determine these details.

Please contact me directly for any further information desired.

I remain with my very best wishes.

Günter Kuchta